The safe handling of firearms and courtesy towards others is paramount. Leave the action open, and never handle firearms when people are down Range.

Do not intentionally shoot at the clubs metal target holders. They will last for decades if not deliberately shot at. Repairing them requires machine work and on-site welding.

Do not place targets such as cans, bowling pins, balloons, wood blocks, etc on the metal target holders or unnecessary bullet damage will result. Use only the target frames designed for the target holders. Every attempt is made to keep the rifle and pistol range supplied with target frames, but there may be times when none are available. The best option is to take a frame or two home with you so that when you come to the range you will be assured of having one. You will receive instructions on how to build your own frames if you so desire.

>Do not leave the target frames on the target holders. Replace them before you leave. Otherwise, the wind will destroy them.

Shooting at glass is strictly prohibited. Broken glass is a safety hazard and extremely difficult to clean up. Shoot clay birds only on the clay bird range.

Keep the range clean! WHATEVER YOU BRING IN WITH YOU - MAKE SURE AND TAKE IT BACK OUT WITH YOU! If you want to shoot up your old car parts, or office fixtures, or bundles of newspaper, etc, that’s fine, but TAKE IT BACK HOME. DON'T LEAVE IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO CLEAN UP! Office equipment DOE'S NOT include any sort of electronic devices! If you want to shoot bowling pins, that’s fine, but clean up the splinters and take the pins home with you.

Shooting at the clubs buildings is a felony and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.