Non members are invited to attend the clubs monthly activities. Notify the Match Director if you are a first time shooter so the safety rules may be explained to you.


High powered rifle competition on the rifle range commencing at 0900 hrs. This is primarily a long range bench rest competition with small targets placed up to 400 yards away. The challenging targets change every month. Any rifle can compete. There is an excellent barbeque for competitors after the match.
Match Director: Scott Edwards at 760-367-9691, email:


Twenty-Two long rifle rim-fire shoot with rifles and pistols held at the Cowboy/Combat town at 0900. Forty rounds pistol & 40 rounds rifle. Shoot both or one gun. Targets are small to medium swinging steel and usually placed within 50 yards. No gun or ammo restrictions. Eye protection mandatory. Young people are encouraged to attend. There is no match fee.

Match Directors: Rocky Toyama and Allan Miller


Cowboy action shoot commencing at 0900 hrs. at the cowboy/Combat town. Competing with guns of yesteryear, competitors must shoot their way out of bad situations. Cover and concealment is always part of the scenarios. Required weapons: Lever action rifle in a pistol caliber only, and a single action revolver. Rounds should be lead not to exceed 1100 FPS. Targets are steel and high velocity rounds will damage them. Double barrel shotgun of any gauge. No buck shot, slugs, or shot larger than #7 1/2. Double barreled shotguns must have extractors rather than ejectors (an ejector tosses the empty hull completely out of the chamber). Slide action shotguns may be used, but only two rounds can be loaded. Shooters are encouraged to show up in Western drag. Match fees are divided among winners.
Match Director: Rocky Toyama, Assistant Director: Allan Miller.


Three-Gun Tactical Firearms Exercise commencing at 0900 at the Cowboy/Combat range. The Three Gun is basically the same as the cowboy shoot except modern semi-automatic weapons are used at greater ranges. There's no velocity limit on rifles, but the limit still applies to handguns. Shotgun ammo is the same as for Cowboy action. Rocky Toyama is also the Match Director for this event. Rocky is a retired Marine Lt/Col who served two tours in Viet Nam with Force Recon, graduated from the FBI counter terrorist school, and has an assortment of black belts in the martial arts. His vast experience allows him to create realistic combat scenarios.
Match Director: Rocky Toyama

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