Safety Rules and Requirements


Prospective members are required to attend a RANGE and SAFETY meeting at the range house and pass a comprehensive Range & Safety test. The vetting process will take place every first Saturday of the month at 1300 hrs unless directed otherwise.

Applicants will be briefed before taking the test. Failure to pass the test will result in taking it again the following month.

Reservations must be received by e-mail five days prior to the meeting.

Important! Government issued photo ID is required – Make sure and bring your ID and a copy with you to the meeting!

The club is located 5-miles East of Adobe Road in Twentynine Palms and 1-mile South on Pinto Mountain Road off SR62/Twentynine Palms Hwy. Turn right on Pinto Mountain Road. The club has a highway sign posted and you may follow the signs to the county refuse site.

1. Assume every gun to be loaded.
2. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
4. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
5. Know your target and what is beyond.
6. Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.
7. Never use alcohol or over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs before or while shooting.
8. Alcohol is never allowed on range property, alcohol will never be consumed on the range.
9. NO glass targets of any kind are ever allowed any place on Club Property.
10. NO rubber 22 Long Rifle Targets of any kind are ever allowed. Example: (Champion Duraseal ) Targets cause rimfire bullets to bounce back at the shooter and firing line.
11. No loaded firearms allowed anywhere on club property except on the firing line. Except CCW holders, Law Enforcement Officers, and Range Officers.
12. Any person may call a cease fire for anything unsafe that occurs.
13. All live fire is only allowed on approved live fire ranges.
14. Any person may correct any person who is conducting anything in an unsafe manner.

• The range is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shooting hours are from sunrise to 10:00 P.M.
• Camping is permitted on Club property behind the firing lines only. BBQ’s are permitted and open fires are only permitted in the designated fire pit located in front of the Range House.

• Pick up all trash you bring to the range including steel casings and shotgun hulls. Brass casings you may leave. The dumpster is for range trash only. DO NOT bring trash from home and put it in the dumpster!
• When there is more than one person on any range you must check with the other shooters to declare a cease fire.
• During a cease fire all firearms are required to be unloaded with the magazines removed and actions open.
• No person may go down range until a cease fire is declared and someone on the firing line checks all firearms to make sure all firearms are unloaded, magazines removed and actions open.
• During a cease fire no person may handle firearms on the firing line or benches.

• The PISTOL RANGE is for the shooting of pistol and rimfire caliber ammunition only.
• NO Rifle caliber ammunition is allowed for any reason. Example .223, 308, and 7.62X39.
• Shotguns with 00 buck and smaller are allowed.

• Closed on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday and Saturdays of every month for Competitions.
• Only approved targets in approved frames are allowed.
• DO NOT use any range props as make shift target stands or as targets.
• All steel targets set up on the Cowboy/Combat range are not for public use.

• This is the only place you can use clay pigeons on Club property.
• Please turn off lights, and close doors when finished.
• Leaving the doors open invites rattlesnakes, scorpions and the like.
• Please clean up broken birds (Clay pigeons) in the trap house, and hulls on the range.

• Closed on the 1st Saturday of the Month for Rifle Matches.
• Shooting at anything on the power lines or the power lines themselves will result in the immediate loss of membership for life.

• The Range House is for all members and is maintained by Club Members.
• Please clean up after yourself. Food left in the refrigerator will be thrown away along with the container.
• Please turn off water and lights when you leave.
• Lock the Range House behind you.

• Range Safety Officers may check your Club ID and key along with a Photo ID Card.
• Range Safety Officers will collect a $5 fee from non members and provide a receipt.
• Range Safety Officers have the authority to confiscate your Club ID and Range Key pending review by the Board of Directors for violations of Range rules.
• Range Safety Officers have the authority to order you to leave the range property immediately.

• DO NOT place anything on the steel target holders other than the approved target frames. Otherwise, severe damage will result to the target holders that will require welding and machine work to repair.
• You may bring targets to place on the ground like cans, bowling pins, plastic bottles to shoot.
• NO appliances like computers, TV’s, refrigerators, washers, dryers ect. are ever allowed as targets.
• NO Glass of any kind is allowed.
• Steel targets may not be shot at closer than 10 yards. Steel targets must be smooth without craters.

• Club ID cards are required to be in your possession while on Club property.
• You may not lend your Club ID card or key to anyone, nor is your membership transferable.
• Any person without a photo ID will have their Club ID and key confiscated pending review by the Board of Directors.
• Any person in possession of a Club Members ID card or Key that does not belong to them will have it confiscated on the spot.

• A Non Member is any person who has not been given a yearly or life membership.
• Family Members, husbands/wives and children 17 years old and younger are considered Members when accompanied by the Club Member. Members may bring a non member as a guest and will be held accountable for their behavior. Guests are required to fill out a One Day membership application and pay $5.00 for the membership.

• Children must be supervised. A Member can not shoot and supervise a small child running around the range at the same time. Do not leave children in the Range house unsupervised.
• If a child crosses the firing line while unsupervised you will be asked to leave the property immediately.

• No person may collect monetary compensation for any services, or money for products sold on range property. No member is authorized to represent this corporation in any legal matter, contract, or use club stationary or its' logo without authorization. Under no circumstances will a Member advertise, or place postings regarding the club on electronic media. ESPECIALLY SOCIAL MEDIA! We don't need a hundred PETA members protesting at the range!

• As a Non-Profit Social/Recreational corporation, the taxing authorities do not allow us to advertise, nor can anyone use the facility for personal gain. According to IRS rules we cannot be open to the public. Both the IRS and the state Franchise Tax Board regard being open to the public a "For Profit" activity. That makes us a "MEMBERS ONLY" range.

Any violation of these rules can result in the termination of your membership.

Ron Brault
President & CEO