Dear Club Member,

As President of your club I would like to welcome you and provide you with some basic information on the Clubs facilities and our policies regarding them so you may obtain maximum benefit from your membership.

We enjoy a hassle free range, we come and go as we please without signing in, making an appointment, or getting permission from anybody. If our hassle free environment is to be maintained it is imperative that each member act in a responsible manner. Thoughtless or irresponsible behavior will guarantee our being severely regulated by State, Federal, County or local authorities.

The Club was founded in 1956 by Dr. William T. Ince MD, who established the first hospital in Twentynine Palms. The club incorporated August 16, 1964 as a Non-Profit corporation. The current 80 acre range site was leased from Bureau of Land Management in 1964.

CLUB HOURS: The Club grounds are open for shooting from sunrise to 10 pm (2200). Camping is allowed 24/7. We do not charge a range fee each time you wish to shoot. The exceptions are shooting competitions and organized events.

GATE LOCK: Applicants accepted for membership will receive a registered key to the gate and range house. Each key is stamped with a number that is assigned to you. The same number will appear on your membership card. Loaning your key to unauthorized persons is grounds for terminating your membership. The lock changes at the end of the Club year, which is August 31, and a new key given to members in good standing. BE SURE TO LOCK THE RANGE HOUSE BEFORE LEAVING THE RANGE!

FIRING POINTS: Going from East to West are located the Pistol and Small Bore Rifle Range with shaded firing line and floodlights for night shooting, Clay Bird Range with covered picnic table, and Big Bore Rifle Range with concrete shooting benches and target holders at 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 270 and 400 yards. 270 yards is point blank sighting-in range for most 30 Cal. Rifles. The large metal 30" square gong is at 400 yards and there are numerous welding cylinders scattered in the hills to shoot at.

TARGET HOLDERS: Instructions are enclosed with this letter on how to use the target holders. PLEASE USE THE TARGET FRAMES DESIGNED FOR THE TARGET HOLDERS! You will make hanging targets much easier on yourself and also prevent bullet damage to the target holders. Frames are available free of charge, or you can make your own to the specifications provided.

Avoid placing paper plates, balloons or other objects on the top rails, or cans, rocks, or other objects on the bottom rail since severe bullet damage to the holders will result. It is very frustrating for those of us who repair them to find the target holders shot up either deliberately or from stupidity.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: In the interest of safety and Club respectability alcohol is not allowed on the range. The Clubs NRA insurance and Articles of Incorporation also prohibit the use of alcohol.

MEMBER RESPONSIBILITY: All who enter the range are expected to exercise common sense in the safe handling of firearms. Do not shoot at target holders, GLASS, CLAY BIRDS or anything else that shatters and makes a mess. No one is paid to maintain the range and those who volunteer their time and effort have better things to do than clean up someone else's mess or repair bullet damage from irresponsible shooters. KEEP YOUR RANGE CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL LOOKING!

We try to maintain a steel target at the 50 yard pistol berm for plinking fun. Unfortunately, there are those who shoot at this target with centerfire rifle caliber's. This creates dangerous craters in the steel that can send bullets back to the firing line at respectable velocities. SHOOT AT THIS TARGET WITH PISTOL CALIBER'S ONLY!

RANGE HOUSE: The range house is equipped with flush toilets, refrigerator and washbasins. An electric range and sink is also available. We are not on city water and all water used must be trucked in. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER & KEEP THE RANGE HOUSE CLEAN!

MEMBERSHIPS: One membership per household is all that is required. Spouses and siblings under 18-years of age are considered members while on the range. The clubs guest program is no longer in affect because of severe abuse. All non-members are subject to purchasing a $5.00 one day membership and must be accompanied by a member who will be responsible for their conduct. One day membership applications and a drop box are located on the West wall inside the range house.

New members will not receive a full years membership. Your membership will expire August 31st, regardless of when you join. The club does accept applications during August, but the membership will not become active until September 1st. Memberships are not transferable. The purchase of a life membership is not available at this time, but may be awarded for outstanding service to the Club.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF RANGE: Everyone is issued a Club membership card for the purpose of identifying themselves as a member in good standing. You may be asked by the clubs range officers to produce it. Don't leave home without it! Our biggest problem with vandalism is from unauthorized slob shooters who do not know how things work, or how to behave themselves at an organized facility. Groups or organizations can request range time by writing, calling or e-mailing the Club at 760-367-4402 if you have anything to report or request.

HIGH POWERED RIFLE MATCH: Held every first Saturday of the month at 0900 on the big bore rifle range.

.22 LONG RIFLE RIM FIRE MATCH: Held every second Saturday.

COWBOY ACTION SHOOT : Held every third Saturday of the month.


Best Regards,
Ron Brault, President