Club Rules

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in termination of your membership

Legal Considerations

No person may collect monetary compensation for any services or products sold on range property. No member is authorized to represent this corporation in any legal matter, contract, or use Club stationary or Club logo without authorization. Under no circumstances will a member advertise the Club on electronic media. ESPECIALLY SOCIAL MEDIA!

As a non-profit social/recreational corporation, the taxing authorities do not allow us to advertise; nor can anyone use the facility for personal gain. According to IRS rules, we cannot be open to the public. Both the IRS and the state Franchise Tax Board regard being open to the public a “For Profit” activity. That makes us a “MEMBERS ONLY” range.

Children on Club Property

Children must be supervised. A Member cannot shoot and supervise a small child running around the range at the same time. DO NOT leave children in the range house unsupervised. If a child crosses the firing line while unsupervised, you will be asked to leave the property immediately and may result in the immediate loss of membership.

Club ID Cards and Range Keys

Club ID cards are required to be in your possession while on Club property. You may not lend your Club ID card or key to anyone, nor is your membership transferable. Any person without a photo ID will have their Club ID and key confiscated pending review by the Board of Directors. Any person in possession of a Club member’s ID card or key that does not belong to them will have it confiscated on the spot.

Club Etiquette

Place all your trash in dumpsters including steel casings and shotgun hulls. Brass casings may be left. The dumpster is for range trash only. DO NOT bring trash from home and put it in the dumpster!

Unauthorized Use of Range

Everyone is issued a Club membership card for the purpose of identifying themselves as a member in good standing. You may be asked by a Club Range Officer or Member of the Executive Committee to produce it. Don’t leave home without it! 

Club Access 

Members will receive a registered key to the gate and range house. Each key is stamped with a number that is assigned to you and appears on your membership card. Loaning out your key to anyone is grounds for terminating your membership. The locks are changed at the start of the Club year, which is September 1.  A new key will be issued each Club year to members in good standing. BE SURE TO LOCK THE RANGE HOUSE BEFORE LEAVING THE RANGE!

Alcohol and Drugs

The possession or use of alcohol and drugs on the property is prohibited! This INCLUDES MARIJUANA even with a prescription! The Club’s insurance and Articles of Incorporation also prohibit the use of alcohol or drugs.

Member Responsibility

All who enter the range are expected to exercise common sense in the safe handling of firearms. Do not shoot at target holders, GLASS, or anything that shatters and makes a mess. No one is paid to maintain the range and those who volunteer their time and effort should not have to clean up someone else’s mess or repair bullet damage from irresponsible shooters. KEEP YOUR RANGE CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL LOOKING!

Range Safety Officers

Range Safety Officers may check your Club ID and key along with Photo ID. Range Safety Officers have the authority to confiscate your Club ID and range key pending review by the Board of Directors for violations of range rules. Range Safety Officers have the authority to order you to leave the range property immediately.

Range House

Members have access to the Range House equipped with a modern kitchen, meeting area, comfortable seating and flush toilets. The range house is for all members and is maintained by Club members, clean up after yourself. Food left in the refrigerator will be thrown away along with the container. Turn off water, lights and lock the range door when you leave. Do not prop open the range house door. We are not on city water and all water used must be trucked in. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER & KEEP THE RANGE HOUSE CLEAN!