We have several individual ranges within the Club property. Each range is dedicated for specific activities and in some cases specific caliber firearms. Please look at the information regarding each range and their specific rules on the individual range pages.

Targets and Target Frames

Target frames are not provided; you must make your own to the specifications provided. PLEASE ONLY USE THE TARGET FRAMES DESIGNED FOR THE TARGET HOLDERS! This will make hanging targets much easier on yourself and also prevent bullet damage to the target holders.

Code of Conduct While on the Range

The safe handling of firearms and courtesy toward others is paramount. No person may go down range until a cease fire is declared. When there is more than one person on the firing line, you must check with the other shooters to declare a cease fire. Remove magazines and ammunition from firearms and leave actions open before going down range. Check all firearms on the firing line to make sure they are clear before going down range. NEVER handle firearms while someone is down range!

Do not intentionally shoot at the Club’s metal target holders. They will last for decades if not deliberately shot at. Repairing target holders requires machine work and on-site welding.

Do not place items such as cans, bowling pins, balloons, wood blocks, etc. on the metal target holders or unnecessary bullet damage will result. Use only the approved target frames designed for the target holders.

Remove all target frames from the target holders when finished. 

Shooting at glass is strictly prohibited. Broken glass is a safety hazard and extremely difficult to clean up. Shoot clay pigeons only on the trap range.

Keep the range clean! WHATEVER YOU BRING IN WITH YOU – MAKE SURE AND TAKE IT BACK OUT WITH YOU! Shooting at the Club’s buildings is a felony and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.